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Homone Balancing Products

symbiotropin Symbiotropin

GMP Certified for Quality Assurance!

Treat yourself to something special. With Symbiotropin you may experience some of the following:

  • May boost your energy (most people feel it immediately
  • May reduce wrinkles and sags by increasing collagen and elastin
  • May revitalize hair and nail growth
  • May refresh memory, mood and mental energy
  • May help you sleep soundly and awake rested
  • May help eliminate stress & fatigue
  • May speed injury recovery

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Meditropin with SymbiotropinMediTropin

GMP Certified for Quality Assurance!

To keep your internal systems running smoothly, your body depends on a steady diet of nutritional amino acids. The specific amino acids in MediTropin with symbiotropin are associated with healthy hormone function, healthy sexual and reproductive function, musculoskeletal and protein metabolism, healthy cardiovascular and endothelial function, healthy immune function, and positive mood and brain function.

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proGen Anti-AgingProGen
HGh affects almost every cell in the body, helping to restore skin, bones, heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys to their former youthful levels. The immune system is revitalized. Wrinkled skin is restored to youthfulness, hair color is restored, and eyes function better.

HGH is one of many endocrine hormones, like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, melatonin, and DHEA that all decline in production with age. While many of these hormones can be reached to deter some of the effects of aging, HGH reaches far beyond the scope of any of these hormones. Not only does it suppress biological aging, but it acts to significantly reverse a broad range of physical effects associated with the aging process.

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Pro-Phytogen PlusProPhytogen Cream

Pro-Phytogen contains phyto-hormones that are identical to the human estrogens estradiol, estriol, and estrone, containing the co-factors necessary to allow this phyto-complex to be utilized by the human body. It has a stabilizing effect on the entire endocrine system, calming hot flashes and night sweats, and restoring normal sleep patterns for most women. Pro-Phytogen also exhibits dh-Testosterone blocking qualities to help reduce masculinization, such as, facial hair growth.

Pro-Phytogen transdermal cream may be used along with the Pro-Phytogen Plus Capsules for optimum results.

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ProPhytogen capsulesPro-Phytogen Plus - Capsules

All Natural phyto-estrogen alternative, In Capsule Form, ideal for women who wish to influence hormone balancing naturally. Pro-Phytogen Plus Capsules are an all-natural, 100% herbal product containing a proprietary combination blend of herbs traditionally used for natural female hormonal balancing and health enhancing qualities.

Pro-Phytogen contains phyto-hormones that are identical to the human estrogens estradiol, estriol, and estrone, containing the co-factors necessary to allow this phyto-complex to be utilized by the human body. It has a stabilizing effect on the entire endocrine system, calming hot flashes and night sweats, and restoring normal sleep patterns for most women.

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Pro Ease Wild Yam CreamproEASE Wild Yam Cream

Women around the world are making proEASE their first choice in addressing PMS and other hormone related issues. proEASE is designed to work in total harmony with the body to help women achieve natural balance and to assist in easing symptoms commonly known to women during the fluctuating changes experienced throughout their lives.

To relieve cramping, many women will apply the cream to the abdomen each half hour until the cramping subsides. During Pre or Peri-Menopause, Progesterone levels in the body begin to decline at least several years before Estrogen levels decline. For many women, Progesterone levels may begin to decline in their early 40's or even earlier

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ProLieve CreamProLieve Cream
Progesterone & Pregneneolone Creme 1100 Mg. Of All Natural Progesterone 2000 Mg. Of Pure Wild Yam 200 Mg. Pregnenolone

Experience increased vitality, better skin tone, and a renewed emotional balance!

Women around the world are making proLiEVE their first choice in addressing PMS, menopausal, and other hormone related issues. proLiEVE's proprietary formula contains 100% all-natural Progesterone specially processed from natural wild yam (1,100 mg/jar) blended with pregnenolone. Pregnenolone has been studied for centuries and has been reported to increase memory, mental alertness, stress responses, female reproductive cycles, the body's natural defenses, and joint and tissue function. proLiEVE creme goes on smooth while nourishing and moisturizing the skin. All ingredients used are natural and safe. There are no animal or petroleum based by-products of any kind.

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testron sxTestron SX Adaptagen Complex
A Vital Source of Energy, Stamina and Sexual Virility!

As we age, our body changes and our sex life may become less satisfying. Seemingly we may lose interest in sex. The barrier is not just psychological. The testosterone that once made your body virile, may be binding to globulins in your blood instead of stimulating the sex centers in your brain. When naturally abundant and free, testosterone can be a vital source of energy, stamina and sexual virility. When deficient, it can cause fatigue, loss of muscle mass, increased body fat and decreased sexual drive.

Testron SX was developed to provide a full compliment of enzyme-activated herbs, which work synergistically to promote virility and sexual satisfaction. For optimal sexual performance, take Testron SX in conjunction with our DHEA therapies. Testron SX, your natural Alternative

  • Maximize virility and sexual potency
  • promote a higher level of physical function
  • Natural aphrodisiac

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Pro EstronProEstron™ 60ct
Conjugated Phytoestrogenic Complex for Menopausal symptoms relief

Background: Together, "phyto" (plant) and "estrogen" (a dominant hormone in females), refer to a class of plant-derived compounds that have an estrogen-like effect in the body. Phytoestrogens are much weaker than estrogen, hence they are not associated with the side effects of other estrogen therapies. There is a significant body of scientific evidence to show that phytoestrogens may provide protective benefits against more potent estrogens while assisting in the management of menopausal symptoms and inhibiting the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.

ACTION: ProEstron is designed to deliver standardized phytoestrogen activity from a variety of botanical sources, including glycrehetic acid from licorice root and 27-deoxyactein from cimicifuga racemosa. An independent study with 381 symptomatic menopausal women using ProEstron showed that 92% of the subjects were relieved of hot flashes while close to 90% experienced improvement in sleep disturbances, anxiety, night sweats, heart palpitations, and other symptoms associated with menopause.

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